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Welcome to Hamilton Revolution Cheer! We’re looking forward to meeting our cheerleaders and having an exciting 2021 season! Our goal is to build confidence in young people through dedication to a competitive team sport. While we hope to have our players improve as athletes and experience the thrill of victory in competition, we always strive to make them better teammates first.

There is a lot of information included on this page. We like to be upfront about everything, but if you have ANY questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

Grady Hunt, Commissioner - RevolutionCheer5678@gmail.com - (732) 865-0180

Ages eligible to participate: 5-16

We will have three teams:

Cost: $195/cheerleader

Tiny Mites practice 2 nights per week (not to exceed 1 ˝ hours) and cheer at games on Sunday (generally about 1 ˝ hours)

Jr Pee Wee and Varsity practice 2 nights per week, Saturdays and cheer at games on Sunday

The Revolution will supply each cheerleader with a uniform shell and skirt at the beginning of the season. Your child will also receive a game bow, Breast Cancer Awareness month bow and socks, competition day socks and a practice shirt at the beginning of the season. These do not need to be returned.

Each cheerleader is responsible for purchasing the following items to accompany the uniform:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jewelry of any kind (earrings, rings, bracelets, necklace, etc) CANNOT be worn during practices or games. PLEASE do not pierce your child’s ears before the season. Band-Aids over earrings or any other covering will not be permitted. Earrings MUST be removed.

August 2021 SEASON BEGINS!!!

September 2021

October 2021

November / December - Cheer Competitions

January 2022 Additional Competitions (based on team interest)

Required Documentation:

The following documentation is required for each cheerleader. All forms must be handed in at the first day of practice (forms will also be accepted earlier, if completed).

Please contact Grady Hunt at RevolutionCheer5678@gmail.com or 732-865-0180 with any further questions. We look forward to a fun, successful 2021 season!